General questions to calm me down

Lord, don’t give me coffee on an empty stomach. What sort of things was I thinking that I thought that was a good idea? Someone, stop the shaking. It’s terrible.

But there are benefits, too. For instance, you get to wonder what you do, when no one seems to care anymore, and your mind attacks this problem with all the preciseness of a dog accidentally headbutting a door. Which is too say, not very precisely, but at least consistently, and in a way that lets you ignore certain details, like how depressing it is that people might not care anymore!

It’s all so cynical, isn’t it? When did apathy become an accepted political view? Do you feel empowered anymore, like your vote means anything? Do you feel as if what you can do through protests and other things will ever elicit any sort of positive change? Does anyone?

When did we get to the point where the trivial became more important than actual, important things? Should we care that as a society we don’t seem to have any priorities, that no one seems to know who we are anymore? More importantly, should we care that Canadian citizens are being sent to Syrian prisons, apparently, specifically so they can be tortured? Should we care about that? Should we care that large corporations seem to have more say in how we’re governed than we do?

Is this even true? You could certainly draft a capable argument positing it, and that’s probably enough. If you lived in the United States you’d almost certainly be succesful.

Should we care that our standard of living is significantly higher than those of the countries we exploit, mainly for cheap labour and resources? Is that not something we should worry about, the resentment we might cause? Do the ends justify the means? Is it better that we should have more stuff, rather then other countries having what we might consider basic necessities? Would they do the same, in our position? Are we a ravenous, insatiable species, that eats up whatever we can get? Are we forced to compete because if we didn’t someone else might, or someone who is doing a good job of competing already might take things that we’ve already earned? Does the global community mean that we have to be ever-vigilant in these matters, fighting for scraps of land and resources?

Or is that just what we’re taught? Does it always have to be this way? Does success in life really equal success economically and politically?

Maybe. That’s certainly the trend throughout history. Those with the better resources and tools conquered or absorbed those without. Biologically, they were more successful. That happened on every continent, even before Europeans. So should we be surprised? Can we logically expect this to end?

Or are we more enlightened, now? Is there a way that we can end this, and rise above our instincts? You’d think that we are capable of it. We’ve put more energy into more trivial and more destructive things. We’re certainly aware of the problem, there’s no debate as to whether it exists. The discrepancy is real. We’re living unsustainably, in more ways than one because, largely, we’re not the ones who pay for it. So what do we do?

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  1. These are excellent questions, and must be continually asked. But life is brief, so we must also choose an answer, and run with it, while we simultaneously ask and ask again.

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