1. “Drawing in a comic strip is infinitely more important than we may think, for our medium must compete with other entertainments, and if a cartoonist does nothing more than illustrate a joke, he or she is going to lose.”

    -Charles M. Schulz

    Why this is so terrible!

  2. I always like an appreciate that your comics depict positve family values and wholesome morals that are really needed today. It just seems like so many young comickers (sp?) get bogged down in the haha side of comicking (sp?), you know?

  3. hah – I like to keep things grounded. I know that some people do wonder why I don’t do more butt jokes or whatever but I really don’t find that funny? It’s not interesting to me unless it’s on a certain level, I think.

  4. 1- I did not think the drawing was poor, I especially like the kid’s expression in the third cell
    2- I love the way you use question marks

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