I needed to make a new entry

This is a new entry and it is at the top of the page. I shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet, there should be a place that reviews your performance and revokes your license. I’m winning all the wrong battles. I kept talking about cleaning but my dad never came. Wings have sprouted from my back, and I sat on a dead bird. What a wonderful day.

There’s a man on the internet making Lego scenes of his favourite video games. I went to his house. He says the easiest scenes to make are the ones from newer games, older games pack too much detail into small amounts of space. He showed me a drawing he did of a dragon eating its own tail. I told him they’d love it.
   He pulled his hat down and shaded his eyes. They’re after me, he said. I asked who and he said quiet and pulled in close. He pointed to his hands. These are want they want, he said.
   We shuffled out the back door and pressed against the wall. Are they here? I asked. How will we know when they come?
   He said the sky would melt and the ground would twitch. The world would be white. They’d done it before, he said, and ran. I joined him.
   But then why do you even make those things? I asked.
   He didn’t know.
   We jumped over a parking barrier and kneeled on the ground.
   I suppose, he said, it’s a sort of response. What else am I supposed to make?
   I starting saying something, but it was too late. The ground froze and the sky rolled up. The world tumbled into a murky brown. When my eyes could see again and I found my feet, I turned to find that my friend was gone.


  1. Wow. I feel so injured. I can’t believe you want attention in everyone’s comment box! You internet whore!

    Pay attention to ME, both of you! Now.

  2. Then you are saying it isn’t deserved the rest of the time? I think you’ve started to outpace me in sassy levels. I’ve actually been quite congenial lately, also quite the victim.

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