What should have been my Halloween costume

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New borders, yay/nay? They’re twisted because I didn’t feel like wrestling with the scanner. The pride that goes into this thing is just astounding.

And this didn’t happen in real life. This isn’t that sort of comic. The situations are hypothetical and the characters fictional, as always. I know, mundane as hell if I made it up.


  1. I’m about to comment but I dont know what happens. I’m really wierd about commenting on peoples stuff it has to be at certain times of the day or something. I only tell you because you either 1) Do the same wierd stuff I do or 2) Humor me into thinking that you do the same wierd stuff I do.

    I then go watch fetish porn of women in high heels and black stockings. Does you do this to?

    – Billy MacNamera Age 6
    Sioux Falls, Iowa.

  2. Yeah. The blacker the stockings the better if you know what I mean, Billy. But I’m surprised you are into that sort of thing, at your age. Very mature.

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