disturbed collection running rot space machine

Did you mean: disturbed collection running out space machine ?

Internet Archive Search: collection:”netlabels” AND (subject …
Disturbed Bits is a series of long pieces of beautiful and intense power … The first five were based alot in the power of running sounds over top of …
http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=collection%3A%22netlabels%22%20AND%20(subject%3A%22%20electronics%22) – 68k – Cached – Similar pages

The Discworld is the setting for all the Discworld books, and is a large disc of land, which is supported on four elephants. These elephants, in turn stand on the back of Great A’Tuin, a huge star turtle (sex and destination unknown). Because of the Discworld’s shape, there is no North, South, East and West. Instead, there is Hubward: towards the centre of the Disc, Rimward: Towards the edge of the Disc, Turnwise, in the direction the Disc turns, and Widdershins, in the opposite direction. There are a large number of settlements and cities on the Disc, and it’s population contains a wide number of races.. Humans, Trolls, Dwarfs (beards compulsory), as you might find on any normal fantasy world. Except that Discworld is by no means normal.

The central character to many of the Discworld books (and to both the games) is Rincewind, a student (relatively speaking) at Unseen University, where wizards learn to be wizards.. usually. He is also accompanied by The Luggage, a somewhat unpredictable mobile trunk, with a large number of feet, and quite a vicious bite.

1.2 How many Discworld games are there?

There are four games, the first is a text adventure ‘The Colour of Magic’ available for the Spectrum. The problem is, it’s very hard to play, given you can spend ages trying to figure out the right command to do something.

The second game, is simply called Discworld, released originally by Psygnosis / Sony Interactive, and created byPerfect Entertainment, which is a point and click adventure, available (although to a lesser extent at the moment) on PC, PC CDROM, Playstation, and Saturn. It was originally to be called Discworld: The Trouble with Dragons, but eventually became just ‘Discworld’.

The third game is Discworld 2: Missing, presumed… !? , produced again by Perfect Entertainment, and published originally by Psygnosis. It is a little easier than the original game, but is just as playable.

Mike Fear has the honour to produce the first auxar netlabel release. Combo canbitaine1 is a more improvised jazztrack with freaky fast guitar and drumsounds. incantation v7.5b is a fast morphing track with breaks and strange melodies assembled in a mind-boggling way. Enjoy.

Note: This Instructional Module information comes from our Training Manual. The complete Training Manual can be ordered from our Program and comes with a video, transparency masters, module publications, and many other educational resources.
Module Learning Objectives

* Be aware of the health effects of biological pollutants
* Be aware of the sources of biological contaminants
* Understand how to implement control strategies for biological contaminants

Choosing a topic
One way is to come up with your own original idea, another is to go to the list provided here, or some other list, and look through some of the sections. In all probability, you will find something there that triggers you to think of a topic of your own, based on an idea you see there. Begin with something you would be likely to stop and watch if you walked past it, something that you are interested in, or something you know a fair amount about.

Another way is to take something you have always wondered about, even something simple like the shape of a bubble, or why ducks (or steel boats) float, or why a balloon goes BANG! when a pin is stuck in it. The best projects are all curiosity-driven. As you read the news in a newspaper, or watch it on TV, think about some of the human problems you see, and wonder how they might be fixed. Spot a claim in a TV commercial, and wonder if it would really stand up under test.

Try putting different terms in these blanks:

What is the effect of __ a__ on __ b__?

Some of the a terms you could use might be temperature, noise, quenching, design, density, humidity, wind direction, overnight minimum temperature, music, pressure, detergent, water turbidity, acid, oxygen, hot hydrogen . . . Some of the b terms might seed germination, rusting, growth, rotting, grain size, ripening, wave frequency, bird species, flight duration, surface hardness, learning, driver fatigue . . .


  1. from: The Journal of Please God Let This Be Relevent
    article: “This Essay Has Everything You Could Possibly Want To Write About In Your Very Important Paper”
    author: Professor Doctor Germannuzichialtits


    “…and so as we have discussed until now blah blah blah it’s all very important blah blah blah. I will base the entire rest of this essay on the following passage:

    JHgkek ksfk sekfj87bb K&^bd ksd83^ydflk kHliury459bgg 78y b5 98 j5thiybkjseh8*&T8f dfkefbvk ie y598yeb h9r8ye98 hhvh98yre ueiyb uer9n h ioufh ohrghgh rth h rty65rr575n9 war28o0,o.;02ecr c y6i7o 8j9;b4t y9p90p4qc 6ubi7n9 o878;a 4wu6bi sgbx;p;qlw[ e5oihwfe;iohwfahwfehufwhuwewwfjwfe.fEbkj.fjk.ewjn.kjkn.njefnjk.ewnjkfejkn.ewF. (Gutenheimer, pages 45-46)

    And of course I fully agree with Gutenheimer. Oh, I hope all you readers speak fluent Ancient Germanic Hebrew from the North-eastern coast of China. If you don’t, you’re unworthy of this topic, so go scribble about ‘society world views’ and leave us brilliant genii intellectuals to our very significant endeavours. To continue with Gutenheimer’s immense contribution to the scholarship surrounding the late byzantine concept of mashed potatoes in the second period of King Buzzard IX, I would like to postulate that it was in fact this very passage that is the only thing worth knowing. Too bad I’m not going to translate it for you. Nyah….”

    (Germannuzichialtits, pp. 264)

  2. That’s very good! Also I like that icon, I’ve been meaning to say. The yellow background and wash makes it kind of… it’s either exotic or like an illustration in a magazine, I don’t know what.

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