Friday, February 16th

this comic thanks photoshop for not looking like complete trash
I’m going to start advertising this place with that Project wonderful thing once I get over the CRIPPLING FEAR. Do you think that is a good idea? Do people generally take to livejournal comics? Or should I wait until I have a real site, nice and proper?


  1. there’s also drunkduck, comicspace, comicgenesis, and a bunch of other free sites but whatever, I don’t see a problem with using LJ.

    Nice comic though. Get it out there and it will go far.

  2. Yeah, that looks really nice actually. I signed up for an account a while ago but nothing I uploaded showed up so I thought I’d wait? I thought maybe I had set the wrong date, or something? I’ll give it another look though, it looks really good.

  3. hah– If this Webcomics Nation thing doesn’t work out I think I will just stay here. I’ve tried some of those other places and they can be so ornery. Livejournal is a piece of cake.

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