Monday, June 4th

Turns out I actually DID have some form of heat exhaustion. It was a new experience for me, I’m not sure that it has ever happened to me before. I’ve never felt like shit in exactly that way.


  1. Out here in Las Vegas, heatstroke is so common that we’re told not to leave the house without a bottle of water during the summer. It’s not a half bad idea, and getting completely sun-baked once every few months is enough to have made a believer out of me.

  2. See, I keep thinking that it might be nice to live in a place that’s perpetually warm, but I’m not sure that would make it worth it for me. Though I guess Las Vegas is a desert, maybe it would be different someplace more tropical?

  3. Tropical climates win hands-down, especially since the desert’s reputation for being sort of temperate is untrue. For almost this whole spring, you could walk outside and not know whether it would be 20 degrees warmer or 20 degrees colder than it was the day before.

    San Diego’s nice year-round, and so are some higher-altitude cities in Arizona.

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