Bad comics??!?

So! It turns out yesterday I was much too tired at the end of the day to make comics, even bad ones. It became the prototypical “Watch TV and go to bed” night, which is extremely rare for me. I did get to watch Bobby Flay make ice cream, though, so maybe the night should be considered a unilateral success. I don’t know. I don’t know what your criteria are.

I thought I would use this opportunity to pass on another bit of news. Next week I am travelling to the frozen wastes of North Ontario to do some fishing and so will 100% not be able to update the comics. BUT! This is probably good news. I’ve been working since June in a very terrible job, and probably do need a little break. Very probably.

The good news is (for you) that I’m terrible at fishing. I have no doubt that I will get this challenge done, and 130 comics posted the day I come back. It will rule. Frank and Earl might start posting when I get back too? I think so, though I don’t want to make too many promises at this point. That will be a happy bonus.

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