This is another test, but one that I really had fun with. I did another but it was extremely crude, so this is all you get to see! I’m going to do more of these though, because they are sort of quick and ideas are falling out of me, like water.


Sorry for the radio silence yesterday! I don’t have the internet in my apartment and it’s not always convenient for me to post! But trust me when I say that I’m making comics, and not wires running to my brain at home is almost necessary for me to continue doing so.

Today feels like a big day, in a lot of ways

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Hey guys! Sorry for the late update. I was up wrestling with Lake Huron and then I came back and had Canadian Thanksgiving. Yes that is what we call it here, with the emphasis! It’s slightly spooky.

But when I got back I saw this list made by blueshat, and it’s pretty great. If you like comics you should check it out! And also add Alvaro, because the man posts like 18 comics a day. This is not a lie. Guinness is on that.

ALSO THIS IS GREAT AND… RIGHT. The comic strip above is called Robot and Boy. Some of the really old ones are over here. I’ve been doing it since then but they’re scattered all over the internet. I’m starting it up now (once a week!) because I need to practice with my tablet. I– I really suck with my tablet.

If you like napcomics I’m posting two after pie.