I’ve been neglecting the hell out of this. Just today I realised I could draw with my fancy laptop mousepad (it is not a mousepad it is a wacom). My scanner is scanning lines much thicker than they should be. Lord it is frustrating!! I only noticed after I got my rapidograph, or maybe it just started, but anyway, it’s bleeding everything together and taking detail even out of my crude-like drawings.

Here is a picture of the next sad ghosts which I made a long time ago, for proof that I’m at least trying:

I’m not sure how much you can see it in the picture, but does anyone know how to fix this? Do I just scan at a higher dpi, or what? I thought 600 was pretty high already but maybe I am wrong. Can this computer even HANDLE higher? I honestly don’t know. It has two soda crackers, taped together, as RAM.

napcomics will start posting again soon. I know I’m being lazy but this scanner is making me sad!