No speculating, please, from the Globe and Mail:

Rogers, who at first glance seemed even frailer than Wilson, was positively comedic, cracking one-liners – though some of them might not have been entirely amusing to those who send Uncle Ted a cheque every month to pay for their various communications needs.

“There will be some tickets priced under $100 [Canadian] for the game,” Rogers’s lieutenant Lind said.

“Two of them,” Rogers interjected.

Some of the field-level tickets in the new Yankee Stadium in New York will be selling for $2,400 (U.S.) a piece, Wilson marvelled.

“I like it,” Rogers chimed in.

And that stadium with his name on in which the news conference was held, in which the Bills will play? “It cost other people [those would be the citizens of Ontario] $600-million to build it … and we salute them today. We paid $25-million for it.”

All that was missing was a knee-slapper about reverse billing.

Ted! Don’t you get it? You might be one of the richest men in Canada, but you aren’t looked on as an old, benevolent one. The citizens of this country have got your number, man; they understand your sick money-love. You’re like a pleased, spoiled child on Christmas morning. Parading your trinkets in front of the adults as examples of your worth, and digging heavily into the sweets.

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