ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT TUESDAY would like to f*ck fake facebook friends, who feel obligated out of a little reminder (on the side of the home page), notified automatically, not out of any desire to know, to tell you to have a happy birthday. F*ckin’ fake facebooks; fake facebook friends you never talk to in any capacity, asking you “where you been” as if you’ve been somewhere, as if you bumped into them on the street, instead of: we don’t talk because we don’t talk, who are you, I didn’t just meet you on the road, the possibility of conversation was always open, on facebook it always is, we don’t talk.


  1. hahahaaaa!!!! I bet one of the people who sent you a happy birthday was livejournal’s ‘getmoney’, she was telling me about it yesterday. “GUESS WHO’S BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!!!”


  2. hah! But that would be appreciated more than the all of the people I never had anything to do with. She’s kind of “around” because I read her journal, as weird as that maybe sounds.

  3. PLUS none of these people were all like “HEY GUESS WHOSE BIRTHDAY IT IS TOMORROW” they were just like “hey man i got cheese on my fingers time to boot up oh would you look at that andre is 22 today i think i will pretend like we associate”

  4. well that sucks I sent her a text to leave you a birthday message expecting there to be lots of angst!!! She’s way into birthdays though and ice cream, tell her you’re going to have ice cream at your party (bonus points if you say your birthday will be at McDonalds, and that there will be fruit snax)!!!

  5. I know! And it’s okay when people who know me find out that way, or are reminded. I don’t have a problem with that. I guess it’s just… I like a lot of the people who wished me a happy birthday, but I don’t like a lot of them also, and I hate how they can pretend to know me in such a weird and public way.

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