We must do as the Greeks did, and reduce it all into numbers, shapes, lines. We must do as the Greeks did and boil down our thoughts into abstractions, concepts fuzzed over, vague thoughts with feel. We must do as the Greeks did and prepare our words, pre-empt them for code. What is the value of a pipe pumping feel, when you read something and your eyes light up or down? What is the value of artificial thought, vague unreal universes, if your hands are tactile, they touch, and your art is as vivid as life?

This art will be vivid, but the distance will be there. You will not lose yourself if you move around like a fourth-dimensional wo(and/or)man, if you are encouraged to occupy real space. You will not strap-in, you will not volunteer, you will be one of those who says—I do not need to be dependent, I don’t want you to put that in, I am a biological, I will stay that way, I will accept what that means.

I will make art. And speak, and love.

I will make art, and speak, and love. And my art will be rich. It will be every concept, it will pre-empt your pumped computer thought. I can think on my own! And I will, and I do, and I have.

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