Forget about this thing, think about it in a different way than you have. Don’t check it for anything, release the idea of posts. Concentrate on other things, because you don’t want to be “that guy with the blog”.

Write things that don’t go on the internet. Write things that don’t go on the internet. Don’t think about the internet. Write things that don’t go on the internet.


  1. Too self conscious dude, I love reading your entries in my RSS feeds and I love that they come throughout the day.

    I just don’t respond because sometimes it’s like, shit, what can I possibly add to that? Or I begin typing and I just say OH THE HELL WITH THIS!!!!!

    Your writing is good stuff and I think it fulfills the ideal I had for my blog (and what I think the ideal blog is) – a glimpse into an almost alternate universe. Absolute insanity that you found on the internet, and feel as if you and only you found it. In that vein comments ruin the illusion (which is why I turned off all comments)

  2. Yeah, maybe that is the ideal. I think that is what I want. I was thinking about the poetry idea the other day, and how I’d like to leave some kind of thin, insane-man narrative in there, just to spice things up. In some ways, that’s the natural way of things for blogs. Unless you order the experience (and you do with a click) it’s weird the narrow minded focus you get from these things

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