s o m e t i m e s   i   l i k e   c o l o u r   m o r e   t h a n   w o r d s

I like colours more than words sometimes, and I wonder what kind of writer I am. There is something about narrative I need to learn. I am not really a poet and I need to learn to write narrative in a way that I like. I am conceptual in presentation. I think.

Coming through Slaughter is a model. It’s a model I’ve read once, I need to read it more times. Ondaatje started as a poet and playwright, didn’t he? Do you understand the progression best when you read through his collected works? I want to write fragments and weave them into larger things. I need help.

i, uh, i– ha ha ha

Earlier today I tried searching for “poetry blogs”. I know there are lots of art blogs on the internet but there aren’t many I know of which play with words. Is everyone interesting publishing? Most of what I found is pathetic. I joined a top 100 poetry blog list (just interested in seeing who was in) and the top result had 10 votes, the second had more but I guess less recent, and his link went to a private myspace account. I haven’t been to Myspace in so long I wondered briefly if it was all some kind of clever joke. It probably is, anyway.
It’s not that I think I need “help” even here, per se– I just want to know what’s going on. I want to be part of a community of excited people doing interesting things, that’s hard to find.


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