RELATED NEWS ITEMS//    I set a little (eighteen-paged) book into PDF. I am working to improve how it looks. I am playing with it in a higher-powered publishing program but perhaps I will have it printed before then just to get it out. I will leave it at art galleries. I will leave it on the street. I will leave it in crannies and nooks between polished wood and brass.

   On Monday, high off a heart-pounding (pain, going to die) poor-choiced stimulant sponsored forest run, later holding a little dog wincing in pain forty times, one by one as the quills pulled out, blood, blood, jittery hands and explaining (I can’t control myself, I can’t lie down, I need to eat, my hands shake, I need something to calm down, to dilute the stimulants, to metabolise the adrenaline and let myself breathe, breathe)– on Monday after all of that I discovered that I was accepted into Humber’s Post-Graduate Writing Program. I left them a terrible message after I found out, fueled by the day, and was worried that they wouldn’t let me in. I’m in (I think). In a couple months I find out who I’m working with.


  1. which publishing program? i might do the same thing, sort of. i don’t want to outright take your idea (though i’m sure this has been done before)

    anyways, you should email me sometime so we can work on getting other things together. writing things. deathcheese at something something gmeealllz dot com

  2. Adobe InDesign is the new program I’m working with (and after talking with the printer, the one most preferred), but yeah, I think this is an idea that probably has been done before– and is also something that gets better the more people who do it.

    It needs to be 16 or 20 pages too, which is something I forgot and then remembered when I called the guy and he said “NO”. EMAIL COMES

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