I’m going to be doing a lot more of these. They are fun.

I am at the library! It is counting down! I will try to post as fast as possible! Here are some of the other things I’ve made in the past few months! That I could find! and wanted to post!

Here are some greeting card ideas I had, I guess:

This is like, a piece of that comic I’ve been very slooooowlly updating. I am going for a guinness world record here. I am even beating Dresden Codak.

I had this terrible job. I sat in a hallway and recieved cut-eye from doctors. I started drawing comics. Here is one of the ones I could find. I was on a “draw over with tablet” kick so here it is? I am not sure if it was better before, or worse.



  1. delicious!!! i love them like the first time and i kept meaning to respond to that comment where you got down on your comic skills in my lj, hoping that you were only joking!! Robot & Boy is always great, and that penis comic is positively the SPACIEST (ALTHOUGH YOU ARE PORTRAYING STANDARDS FOR BEAUTY THAT YOUNG BOYS WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO LIVE UP TO, THANKS FOR BEING A BAD INFLUENCE ON THE KIDS!!!!)

    I don’t get whats going on in Frank & Earl!!! I’ve successfully determined this has nothing to do with the story-arc were either frank or earl becomes the starchild from 2001 and is then delivered into your hands. By the way can I comment that unlike how profound the ending of 2001 was (or whatever), YOUR ENDING SEEMS TO BE YOU JUST TAKE THESE DUDES AND NOW PLAGIARIZE THEIR ADVENTURES IN SPACE!!! YOU SUCK AS GOD!!!!!!

  2. I think I need to put in a comic or two before maybe to make it clear, but that’s the way it’s been planned… all these years. The worst part is that I mean that literally. Literally literally. Even the original domain of Robot and Boy is I need to buckle down and finalise some future scripts or something. AND IT’S NOT DONE YET OKAY

    OTHERWISE what, that penis comic wasn’t realistic????!!!

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