fixed line-height problem, blog not slowly (no longer) condensing, turning text into swirling matter, dust and gas, condensing, condensing, BLACK HOLE

read lynda barry. read lynda barry. she captures a demon you wrestled with in your past, in your week-ago, in your “aggghhh! i’m stuck”.

when you’re stuck or you don’t know what to do:

  • turn off the computer, only to turn your write (for the time being), your head scratchings, into physical things
  • don’t stop or worry, pick a topic and go at full speed, start with a sentence or an idea
  • don’t try to think, don’t be too clever, just flesh the idea
  • don’t be to clever, now isn’t the time
  • just write, don’t worry about your writing
  • just write, just make
  • if for some reason your mind gets stuck, keep the pencil moving until you find the track again
  • keep going until the idea is exhausted or ten minutes, whichever is last

this is an idea I’ve understood subconsciously at least a couple times, but when I’d not have it, when I’d look back, I’d be like: “oooohhhhh, what is in me that is so bad now, what has happened, what is the where is the ohhhhhhhhhh, this is no good!”

now understanding a bit more, it comes to the point where, understanding it more is it like prioritising runs? forcing yourself to control?

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