The fireworks spat out of a wheelbarrow anchored with sand and my father hurried back to get far enough away before sparks flew and balls of flame-spit lobbed themselves into the sky. A firefly winked in the darkness and Lisa didn’t see it so I pointed and it winked again but she missed it and the fireworks went up so I tracked the firefly with my hand and told her where it was and it was there and she saw it wink as bombs went up and exploded with a loud bang.

Inside the dogs jumped and barked and ran back to their cage or pissed all the way down the stairs, because they were old. My sister came in and she looked at the stairs and they were wet and she said “Hand me a rag, the stairs are wet because the dog peed.” And we all thought how sad and sweet the piss was while the other dog looked at us head bowed and trembling and would not come out of his cage.


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