“From Norman”. “Norman?”
          Dog nodded.
Norman frowned.           Dog growled.           Norman stood. Norman slept. Norman’s room.           “Dog?           Norman nodded. Norman coughed. Norman nodded. Norman smiled. Norman watched and laughed.
Dog spoke.
          Norman nodded. Dog jumped.          Norman nodded. Norman didn’t laugh.          Dog shrugged.          Norman eyed Dog. Norman walked too. Norman’s head swayed. Dog stared. Norman laughed. Norman chewed.
Norman swallowed. Dog grinned. Dog shivered. Norman’s eyes had rolled. Norman’s eyes closed. Norman shrugged. Norman jumped. Norman’s head shouted. Norman shouted.

          Norman shouted.
          Norman nodded. Norman blinked. “Really?           Norman stuttered.          Norman nodded.          Norman blinked.          Dog turned to Norman.           Norman smiled thinly.

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