The Secret Agent in Vietnam

Maybe you remember this, maybe you don’t. You probably don’t. I know you, internet. You are fickle. Anyway! That was part of a long form comic that would have been a pseudo-retrospective of the Secret Agent‘s career. It would start in the thirties and move forward to the Vietnam era, where the Secret Agent would go to fight. That comic might still get made, but the comic I just linked to isn’t going to be part of it.

For some strange reason I was doing the “final” versions of the comics in sizes smaller than the roughs, which didn’t make any sense. Shrinking the work down (even just a bit) made it too stiff and lost all of the energy and fun. Needless to say, I was depressed with the results. I actually finished a second one similar to the one above but never even scanned it because it’s so far from what I wanted.

I think I will continue with this comic, just in a larger format, because it’s a pretty awesome idea. Anyway, here are some scans of my roughs, if you’re interested. I only scanned them because they’ve got something that the above comic lacks, and which (maybe???) you’ll enjoy.

This is how I got started, but it’s probably not going to make it into any version of the comic.

In any future version this will take a little longer to build up to.

Lack of internet at home = lack of reference photos. I still really like this, though.

Bruce was kind of a dick. He had it coming.

This isn’t even a comic. It’s just a suggestion of a comic. But you can see an idea I had for the cover image if you squint… really hard.


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