THIS IS NOT today’s “pseudo-Grind” comic. That’s at home, waiting to be scanned. This is something else. Earlier, when I was looking through my photobucket account I realised that I have a lot of good comics hiding deep in the archives, from when they were posted on my old livejournal. That livejournal is gone. Gone a long time. Forever.

Anyway, I decided that I should post my favourites on here. Why not, right? Well, I kind of forgot about it until today, when I was looking back through the album. I started to get really worried, wondering about how presumptuous and indulgent it was to think that people who had friended this journal would want to read my old hand-me-downs from two or even three years ago. I decided I probably wasn’t going to do it.

I still feel that it’s presumptuous and indulgent, I guess. But the thing that I realised between now and then is that this is the internet. I know that statement is used to justify a lot, but it’s true. It’s the internet! If you don’t like it, tough! Scroll down or up!

These are from the Summer of ’05, which feels crazy to me. They’re from a short series meant to be a longer series called “The Secret Agent and Friends”, which I got bored of before I could put the website up.


  1. Right now for some reason I’m in love with my Uniball Visions, and I don’t exactly know why except that they’re smooth and consistent and I’ve got a lot of practice with them because they were my number one choice for doodling all throughout school.

    I have a feeling these were Uniball too and that I just scanned them differently, but a large percentage of my older comics were done with combination of different sizes of… Staedler’s, I don’t know what type, for detail and brush pens for the other lines, like with Frank and Earl.

    Sometimes I’ll use my rapidograph, and that’s usually fun, but also kind of messy because I didn’t treat mine properly when I first got it. And I’ve started experimenting with brush and ink too, but you can probably tell when I post those up.

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