Monday, July 28th

We saw this last night because Lisa was sick, but let me tell you how we thought that it was bad: we thought it was bad, folks.

In other news a cat peed on my backpack and I was forced to throw out Don Quixote, which (maybe thankfully) acted like an absorbent pad. I only found out when I got to work and I was not happy about it, not too happy about it at all.


  1. Hi Andre!

    Thats Allan here!
    Very nice journal!
    …im sorry, but i could’nt resist laughing about ur absorbent-pad-Don-Quixote.
    I’ll try using one of those on my Dog(maybe he’ll like don quixote), he pee everywhere in the house BUT in his absorbent-pad-for-dog-pee.

  2. Re: Hi Andre!

    Hey! You should try that Don Quixote thing, it soaked up a lot. But won’t there be some tension if you invite over any spanish friends you might have??

    Also I didn’t find out about your going away thing until today– I’m sad I missed it, have a nice trip back!

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