“uh, uh, uh, I want to create something that motivates action during the most inactive portion of a person’s day, I want to create something that is so inactive and provides no physical reference point but that I can say ‘went viral’ which will perhaps distract me from the fact that the dissemination of my solution is worse than the problem, and causes young men and women to groan and scream and become afraid of their own brains.”


  1. WELL SHIT, COWBOY! I found your blog! I’ve googled ‘a hot drink shatters spines’ millions of times and never find it… why you may ask? BECAUSE YOU CHANGED THE NAME OF YOUR DAMN BLOG! Well I can read your works again, and now it’s on Google Reader, so I’ll never lose it! MMMHM!!!

  2. why didn’t you just say so??? I thought you were busy running the West Virginia primaries or something.

  3. I’d keep forgetting and anyway I’ve also been meaning to see for weeks if you’d get a GOOGLE READER account where you SHARE WHAT YOU READ! AINT THAT COOL? ITS THE SAME AS YOUR GMAIL ACOUNT SEE!!

  4. I’ve got a google reader account thing WAIT what’s your damn gmail, I thought I had it because you’re on my gmail chat but I just realised that was AIM

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