My relationship to Strategic Directions

For years I have denied that I have any relationship to Strategic Directions. But when I worked on a project, Strategic Directions and I would work closely together, close enough so that my skin brushed her skin, and her hot breath found its way to my neck. Previously, I have denied that we had such a close relationship. I know that Strategic Directions has denied this as well. The time for denial is no longer.

The world must know the truth about my affair with Strategic Directions. It is time that it is understood who the real father of A Crisis is. It is not New Development, as you must already know. It is I, Project Deliverables.

I am sorry that you all must find out this way. I am sure that you are sorry too. It is no secret that before I was viewed as a fine, upstanding man: an example to our youth. No longer. I can not imagine it will be long before the name ‘Project Deliverables’ is torn down and dragged through the mud. I can not say that I do not understand. I can not say that I will be unaffected. I can not say that I did not enjoy my specific amount of prestige and honor. None of that matters now. Things must change.

My relationship with Strategic Directions has cast a shadow on all aspects of my life. My family. My passions. My work in the public sphere. They are all superfluous and unsatisfying. I am restless. My face burns hot with rage and desperation when I hear about the scandal of A Crisis and the blackened name of Strategic Directions. Let my name be blackened with hers, and his. Let all our names be blackened forever.

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