On the morning radio, a university student with a cocky edge to his voice reminds me too much of a frat boy: he’s intelligent but pretends that he isn’t to impress his friends, who are also being interviewed.

Why didn’t you vote?

“The election SUCKS, all of the candidates SUCK, their platforms SUCK. Why should I vote if the whole thing SUCKS?”

Are you ashamed that you didn’t vote?

“YEAH, I mean, my parents wanted me to vote but. Fuck, I don’t care. I guess it just didn’t mean that much to me.”

Later, an opinion voiced by a political student activist who hasn’t voted in the past two elections and says there are more important ways to make yourself heard… more important than the most symbolic and direct?

“I just… don’t see what the point is. I’ve voted before, it didn’t really… do anything for me. I think there are, ah, other ways you can be involved in the political process… I didn’t feel anything when I voted.”

What did you expect, a warm tingling? A clarion call? Why does voting have to do anything directly for you? When was it written that all action necessarily has to provoke some kind of stimulation? And why is the concept of stimulation so often mixed up with “mental sedation”?

High school André, why don’t you die? And why are you such a common archetype? This generation is disappointing, so far.


  1. No! He was young high school André, though. A little bit different. A little more naturally charming.

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