Dying Frilled Shark

I’ve never embedded video in any kind of post before. I’m proud to be able to say that. But I’m breaking with tradition today because this is positively the most disgusting and inspiring thing I’ve ever seen. When this blog dies (as it undoubtedly will), I want you to imagine it personified in the laboured, shambling, efforts of the frilled shark, above, efforts I first interpreted as being careful mimicry of seaweed in an attempt to attract prey.

Click this WIRED: Science link to read a bit more about it, other living “fossils”, and pathetic name-calling erupting (incredibly quickly) in the comment section between “evolutionists”, “anti-evolutionists”, “morons”, and spam-bots. I believe in the spam-bots, at least, for their powers to turn even the most concise, informing, and erudite discussions into nothing more than flotsam on a great sea of intense meaninglessness. In the attached article they are like manna from heaven. Or “Darwin’s arse”. Wherever.

I have no idea what the audio track is like on the video, but watch it without sound first.

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