It Will Not Become Corrupted


Tonight I experience genuine agony while contemplating the long drive down the Gardiner and the 427 highway systems. I assume it has something to do with my night-vision, which, destroyed by the glare of computer screens, makes the journey barely navigable. The inverse to a quote posted recently by Keri Smith, at night and on the road I inhabit a world which becomes dulled, hazy, and mean. Reds peck out from within their streetlight casings and spread their long, undulating fingers over everything, threatening to obliterate whole avenues and buildings. Numbers on the crosswalk indicator become meaningless flashing light indicators. Is that a 7 or a 1, a 3 or an 8, or even a zero? The entire world becomes impossible.

For exactly one hour I travel over seventy kilometres in a bubble of incomprehension. My blinders are on and my shoulders invariably hunch. I am a pack animal. My whole body is tired.

Halfway to Caledon, with the radio off, I experience a kind of revelation. I do nothing. The idea is caged and allowed to fester. The moment is lost.

Dropping my speed very suddenly from one hundred to sixty, I see a car pull up at a stoplight. It is a beige station wagon with black windows and its own forward-facing halo. I look again and the car is nowhere to be seen. I wonder if it was created by my lights rolling over speed signs and road markers, but that idea seems unsatisfying. From the other side of the street, my car is or is not pelted by a snowball. The impact seems inconsistent with the soundless spluttering I experience (or think I do) just below the driver-side window.

I park the car. My mother returns from Italy. My brother has gained a bit of weight. I read an article in Discovery about the “Bosnian pyramids“, and come across this dubious (but highly stimulating) claim by their champion:

“It is proven that pyramids have the most beneficial effect on the environment. If you place a piece of raw meat in a pyramid, it will not become corrupted. If you place a blunt razor in it, it will sharpen itself. If a man enters a pyramid, energy levels increase and he becomes immune to illness.”

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