Canzine Comics

There are a lot of things I haven’t posted, I guess. These are from a very long time ago. Last Canzine I shared a table selling some little books that were not comics-related. But we got there late (it was our first time) and found ourselves in this weird and out of the way back room. So I started putting up these little tiny advertisements below in the hope that they would bring people in. I am not sure if they worked, but they were fun to make. They are all comics (pretty false advertising) and they are under the cut.

Anyway, it was slow for a lot of the day so I started selling “custom comics” for a dollar. These are above. The first one was just an example, and the second one was paid for but it was getting near the end of Canzine and the person who bought it just disappeared. That’s cool. I can show it to you guys. It’s there. Maybe you already read it? I couldn’t remember Mabel’s name, that’s why she’s called Rex.

Something else I meant to post about after Canzine was Phil McAndrew’s Are You Man Enough?. I’d read it online already but let me tell you something, it is definitely worth reading in real life, without the “brain frost” that comes with the internet. The drawings bring laughs in any circumstance. I am not kidding. His website says it is sold out, but I think he is thinking of doing another print? I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this you probably already know all about him, maybe you have twelve copies, but if not let him know you want him to do a reprint. That would be a nice thing to do, maybe.


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