Weather dot com


The temperature is going to be


I got to find a girl like that. Not cold though. Just nice.

Someday, you know?

>> lol yeah I guess

>> lol

>> why don’t you look in the personals?

Hey you ever tried the personals???

It’s like a cess-pool.

Forty-year-old woman here:

Two grown kids. Looking for a “companion”, hey. Like to hold her hand until she dies, or what?

>> hey how old are you anyway

>> how can a website have an age

>> I mean you just get new servers, right?

Yeah that’s right.

Guess I’m like 26 years old though.

If we’re talking concepts here. Not just specific weather delivery systems.

>> hey you’re older than me

That’s what I’m talking about! It’s hard, I tell you. Hard to find a woman. Hard to look around and see all the changes. I mean this is all I know.

>> i just came here for the weather

Yeah, yeah.

>> is it going to rain tomorrow

I don’t know, maybe a 30% chance.

>> jeez, don’t put yourself out.

Okay, hey. I’m logging off now. You son of a bitch. I try to have a heart to heart, try to get at the root of everything, and this is what you turn it into.

>> what

>> you can’t log off man

>> this is your job

Oh fuck it. I’m so done here. There’s only so much one man can handle, only so much, you know…

>> come on I was thinking of doing a picnic

>> hey come on man

>> hey

>> hey

>> hey

>> hey

>> oh fuck you dude

>> this is bullshit

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