Oh, Oh


You probably shouldn’t expect updates here very often. I have to finish the first draft of my novel (for the program I am in) in a month. But for some reason I feel like I should note the fact that we now have wireless internet (one this computer can easily and comfortably connect) might result in some future flood of content…

This is the machine I make everything on. It is used for writing, scanning, photoshop, digital photography… and before now everything had to be ferried back and forth mind-numbingly frequently on USB keys, especially if something, somewhere along the line, had gone wrong. Lisa’s computer is fast to turn on but the keyboard requires the hand-size of a pigeon to operate. It’s miniscule screen could fit on a cracker, and there would still be enough room for a sizeable gherkin to place alongside it. Complicated java and flash seems to confound it, and navigating wordpress (or photobucket) required a frustrating amount of duct-tape and hope. In short, it is now a far, far better world for the internet, my friends.

I have yet to determine whether or not this is a good thing. Internet and me go way back. Too far. If I died today the autopsy would reveal that my central cortex was choked with the sound of “Gmail notifier” and browser cookies. I spend too much time on the computer already.


  1. things are good, but… yeah. also do you have the same address as before when I asked you?

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