“Is it bad for me when a Toronto sports team does well?”

“It is not bad for me, but I get a feeling that is sometimes overwhelming.”

“I have to check and to learn everything the Americans are saying.”

“What are they saying about the Blue Jays?”

“Are they saying the Blue Jays are the best?”

“Why not?”

“Why isn’t anyone saying the Blue Jays are the best?”

“Shouldn’t we talk about how good they are?”

“Shouldn’t everybody, I mean?”


“Why aren’t the American sites I read talking about how the Blue Jays are the best?”

“They are the best, aren’t they?”

“I need more information to know if they are really the best.”

“I feel American websites could provide me with more information.”

“Why aren’t the American websites talking about the Blue Jays?”

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  1. Fact of American Sports – They suck the cock of the markets they’re gonna make money in. Thats why no matter how shitty NY and LA teams may be at any given time, they still get the best coverage. I’m imagining that due to the fact that Toronto is in another country, it has an even harder time, because I’d imagine ESPN and such aren’t collecting as much bank from Canada as they are south of the border.

    But seriously no matter how good your team is, it will always be eclipsed in coverage and adulation by the NY/LA teams

  2. Not sure if my previous comment went through but I checked the market listings

    1 New York 7,433,820 6.495
    2 Los Angeles 5,654,260 4.940
    3 Chicago 3,492,850 3.052
    4 Philadelphia 2,950,220 2.578
    5 Dallas-Ft. Worth 2,489,970 2.175
    6 San Francisco-Oak-San Jose 2,476,450 2.164
    7 Boston (Manchester) 2,409,080 2.105
    8 Atlanta 2,369,780 2.070
    9 Washington, DC (Hagrstwn) 2,321,610 2.028
    10 Houston 2,106,210 1.840

    Not sure where Toronto would come in – this lists measures television homes not population, and population does not directly correlate to television homes (san fran-oak-san jose has a lower population that any metro lower than it in the top 10). I think the data shows it’s a PRETTY STEEP TASK never the less.

  3. Yeah, I get that. I’m not really complaining about it, just noting it. I’m not sure if the desire itself is healthy, but it’s a very canadian thing– in Toronto with the US and the rest of Canada with Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver, though mostly Toronto. Looking at those numbers Toronto would be number 3 on that list (the Blue Jays much, much higher because they’re the only Canadian team and they have a pretty large following), but I assume it’s a case of the American media only “allowed” to sell advertising to American advertisers, which is the same as it is in Canada. There’s no reason to get as worked up as Canadians usually do because it’s not like they have an obligation to “serve” us, but we all do anyway.

  4. It’s actually frightening. ESPN and SI have started paying more attention to the jays too, and now I’m frightened. Baseball pundits are usually consistently wrong. The jays aren’t going to be good for much longer… IT’S A DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD

  5. I knew it would go to seven games! I don’t know about this last game, but you have to admit, in game four Washington looked really sloppy. I wanted them to win, but they reminded me too much of past versions of the leafs. I think it all comes down to Varlamov. Or Ovechkin scoring five goals. Or, who knows, maybe they don’t look sloppy anymore.

    Also your comment was the 1000th comment on this blog (because of the consolidation). Way to ruin it!!!!!

  6. To be fair last nights Pens looked like the Caps in earlier performances, doing everything BUT getting the job done. They seemed to get stronger though as the match went on from a miserable bunch in the first to finally getting something under their ass in the third. I honestly think it’s something about this city, or teams love to not do anything until their lives are on the line (NATS excluded, take that baseball shit to baltimore)

  7. Yeah, take it to Baltimore and keep going. You know what I am saying? Baltimore sucks.

    It’s going to be a good game seven, anyway. I like how in hockey there aren’t any sweeps in the second round (I’m looking at you, LeBron). I thought the winner of Pens/Caps would play Boston for sure but who knows anymore??!

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