Archives: February 2006


Since this blog is now a weird amalgamation of the last four years of my internet “presence”, I thought I would do a weekly recap of some of my more “worthwhile” or notable entries, going back right to the beginning. When the recaps are only a year behind I’ll switch to a monthly schedule, because there’s no use recapping things as they happen.

You might have noticed that there’s a large gap between the start of the archives and the next month there are any. I think that’s because I was still updating my old (totally lost) blog, painsauce, and that while I still kept up with crapjournal, somewhere between now and then a large portion of my entries in the latter journal were deleted. What remains from that time are the raw concept entries, which are mainly copied and pasted text from around livejournal and other places, meant to simulate crapjournal’s birth. The posts are mainly gimmicks. What’s interesting now, however, is that when I imported my old livejournals into this blog, all of the comments were mixed up. So on the inaugural post there is a comment from Lisa suggesting that she found the entry “funny”, though she posted the comment a year after the post was made and it’s unlikely she was actually referring to that post. On the next post, more gibberish, and an allusion to Frankenstein/Prometheus (AWAKE, INTERNET / ARISE)… followed by comments which make no sense given the current context, came a year later, and seem to belong to a “Frank and Earl the Astronauts” comic post. In the schizophrenic, disjointed comments, I’m accused of wearing an apron and looking like an astronaut in a spaceship (?). The final post in February is just as schizophrenic, but the less said about it, the better.

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