The Domestic Opera

translated from the Italian

—The cat won’t eat his medicine.
—You’re making him nervous.
—If I don’t stand here, he won’t eat it.
—Have you tried cutting it in half?
—Yes, I tried that.
—What happened?
—He ate one half, but he spit out the other.

—Did you take out the trash?
—Yes, I took it out. The recycling too.
—Oh, that’s great. Thanks a lot.
—No problem.

—What do you feel like eating?
—I don’t know.
—I could make that potato dish.
—I was going to cook.
—Let’s just have leftovers.

—Is that the cat at the door?
—Yes, I’m going to let him in.
—It’s three o’clock in the morning.
—He’s been scratching for hours.
—I don’t like this.
—What choice do we have?
—We can’t give in to them.
—Go back to sleep.
—There’s a cat on my legs.
—Go back to sleep.
—That’s difficult.
—Go back to sleep.
—We should have got a dog.

—You look great tonight.
—Thank you. I feel a bit dirty.
—Want to fool around?
—No thanks.

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