Davis Fired

The first order of business: fuck yourself, Davis.

You think I don’t mean it? I saw the way you looked at her. Get out of here. It’s over between you two. You’re fired. No, not you. Just him. I didn’t say a word against you. Why would I?

You’re fired, Davis—I don’t know why you’re still here. This isn’t a spectacle. This is an internal meeting. This isn’t something outsiders can watch. Get out of here. No—you stay, he goes. Don’t you get it? We have business to conduct.

What? Yes, of course I love her.

No, I don’t think this the appropriate time.

Then we’re in agreement.

I don’t know why head office would be interested in this meeting. It’s purely administrative.

I fired Davis. He was sexually abusing Martina. That’s business. I don’t understand why what you have to say is relevant.

Can we move along? I think we’ve wasted enough time.

No, the problem has been dealt with, Spinoza. Keep your mouth shut.

I can talk to you however I want.

There’s been a 3/4 reduction in the amount of completed budget stat sheets—does anyone know why this is?

I’d ask him if he still worked here. He doesn’t. Anyone else have an idea?

Okay. Spinoza, I don’t want to hear it.

Lucy, can you head down to Davis’s office and make sure that he isn’t doing anything stupid, like gutting his filing cabinets or trashing his hard-drive? I assume because I haven’t heard the alarm that he hasn’t set anything on fire. Don’t get involved. Just call security. Actually, I’ll just call them right now. But see if you can prevent him from leaving.

Of course, he’s perfectly capable.

Wouldn’t you be angry?

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