Some Violence

Words have no meaning. There is no such thing as context. There are no words. Words have no meaning and to think they have meaning is delusional. It is selfish to believe that words are attempting to speak with you. You are projecting. You are projecting your own meanings onto the words.

There is no such thing as personal meaning, a meaning that someone can inherently have and project onto others or onto words. There is no meaning in anything except in uncertainty. You are projecting nothing, a delusion, an abstraction, onto words to force them into meaning. Forcing words to mean things is like rape. When you presume that a word has meaning for you you are raping that word. Pressing yourself into a word via a presumption of it is a violation. There is no way to say anything.


We have made a discovery. There is no way to say anything except in a jargon that notes ambiguity and distributes it among more words because increased context may help increase meaning.


A counter-discovery: more words means more violations. It means more potential misunderstandings. The declared intention to use more words is an act equivalent to a declaration of war.

The actual use of more words is genocide, so a declaration of war spoken with as many words as possible is both a declaration of war and the first act in that war.

Communication is violence.


  1. I can’t tell if this is satire and one-upmanship, or the culmination of contaminating theory classes. 🙂

  2. words like violence, break the silence, and come crashing in…. (you know what i am saying)

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