I hate linking. I feel especially profane linking this, which should be, properly, stumbled on. Blog links are often ignored or clicked through in frenzy, opened in the nth tab. It’s like tossing a note into a gasoline-slimed river and expecting someone else to fish it out and read it.

My head feels scrambled. I am in a frenzy or I have worked myself up into one. I can never tell.

But it was good to fill the screen with that poetry for a while.


  1. Waiting for classes to start-up again so I can feign some sort of achievement. How ’bout you?

    Also where is a person from if they pronounce the word “drank” with an a as in bat instead of as in fate.

  2. In the midst of summer classes, which are somehow really depressing! They’re okay, but I think the break is needed to rediscover what “real life” is. Feel “lost existentially”, but it’ll pass. What are you doing in the meantime?

    And I’m having a really tough time pronouncing the first drank. Like “drat”? I can’t even imagine someone speaking like that. It’s probably a place where English was introduced once in the 19th century, and then left in isolation, until a new suburb development opened the roads again.

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