Seeking Mid-Level Position

Bart Bhlendhos
Apt. 2, 15 Maze Hill Rd.
Toronto, ON
M4L 2W5

(please restrict all telephone correspondence to evenings & weekends.)

Self-taught man of many talents, eager and willful learner, seeking employment in mid-level desk position from employer who won’t begrudge him the lack of experience! Still believes that optimism and good, old-fashioned gumption sells/invents/analyzes/develops and/or oversees the selling, inventing, analyzing and developing of the new products and technologies that are shaping today’s world.

What are our billionaire entrepreneurs but hard-working men and women who have toiled at the fields of their brilliance by the sweat of their own brows? And when their brilliance bears fruit, it is the hard-working men and women like myself, lacking the brilliance but losing nothing for it, called on to harvest it!

Let’s be honest with each other. I know most jobs are netted by friends and relatives. So can I call you my buddy, pal? I am personable and reliable and I’m sure that in time we can make ours a famous acquaintance. I believe in workplaces where everyone gets along and no one is afraid to tell a joke or two.

Prior employment: What I lack in experience I make up in candour and eagerness to learn. I will train myself extensively in whatever systems and protocols your business operates in. I’m not afraid to tell you I don’t know how a thing works, because it is only in the acknowledgment of ignorance that ignorance is conquered.

Mindfulness is a technique that I have practiced weekly for many years (in therapy) and it is through my mindfulness that I have learned the ability to appreciate and recognize my own failings. I am sincere and I don’t hide my feelings. I am no ‘Yes Man’ and I won’t be afraid to tell you if I think there is something in the corporate culture that needs correcting. Consider me your early-warning system!

Education & Skills: 4 years of High School (non-graduating). Proficient with all programs in the Microsoft Office suite. Some college: Photography certificate, Large Engine Maintenance (incomplete), Lawn Business Operation (incomplete), and Archaeological Technician (incomplete). Great phone manner. Can make copies. &c, &c.

My references are available upon request. Must allow 3-4 days for response, as it may take some time for me to contact them.

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