An Inaccurate Representation of Florida

Is an intersection. Chipotle’s, GX Vitamin Supplements, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Burger King. Across the way BJ’s, Big K, Pet Valu, B&N. A man holding a cardboard arrow stands on the corner twirling the direction to EZ Vita-Palace, away from GX V.S.; the Florida sun glints off the silvery caps in his mouth as he indifferently talks on his cell-phone. We are almost run over crossing the street. A chunk of raised concrete threatens our ankles. At the Big K they ask for our birthdays when we purchase a six pack of Blue Moon. The information is recorded on their computer.

Is a fatted lizard broiled and plated in a rich Chardonnay-butter sauce & served by barkers shouting at pale tourists. Mismatched couples on segways gawk in front of Mango’s.

Is a Chili’s.

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