PC Users vs. Mac Users

Aaron is a Mac User. I am a Mac User. Most PC Users are losers. I’m not the only one who thinks this. The owner of the company Aaron works for, who is an educated, obviously successful PC User, advised the regional second-in-charge not to hire PC Users. The owner, as mentioned, is a PC User (from Seattle), is married to a PC User (also from Seattle), who is studying in a challenging post-graduate field at a renowned university, and whose kids, needless to say, are also PC Users. He thinks PC Users in Canada are “losers.” Thank you, Jesus!

One of the things I believe accounts for the chasm of success and intelligence between PC Users from Seattle and PC Users who reside in Canada can be chalked up to the effects of liberal culture. Liberal culture perpetuates a culture of self-perceived victimhood, helplessness, and a blame the establishment/patriarchy/economy, etc. attitude. This victimhood of course is the typical stance of the Canadian PC User. Aaron’s boss is different because in Seattle PC Users don’t have the same culture of victimhood—Microsoft’s headquarters are located near there.

That aside, the kind of people who are going to be immigrating in the first place, at least to Canada, are usually educated and motivated individuals. This alone could account for the difference between immigrant PC Users and native PC Users.


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