Sustainability / Facts

Sustainability is a myth. Prehistoric agriculture turned an ice age into a warm one. The products of the earth burn faster than they can be replenished. Hunter-gatherers killed all the mega-fauna. Bastards. I would have liked to see them. Then, equilibrium. But sometimes mass becomes useless. Stillness is death. Movement is violence.


I’m done with facts. Facts are often emotion, or the posturing absence of them. “Prove it.” Richard Feynman believed the only subject that could be discussed was physics. It was only later in life that he took up drawing. Hiroshima was a success until he learned of human consequence.

I’m trying to offload the elderly couple that lives on my forehead. An hour or two of heavy lifting is enough to make me forget about them for an hour or two. “Who’s going to help me unpack all these boxes?” That doesn’t interest me.

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