I discovered upon waking that my mouth tasted like the green craft foam used to approximate moss and fungus. The plastic plant baskets on our stairway landing, when I was young, were filled with this foam, which I occasionally scraped with my fingernails, for reasons unknown to me. Ever after I have associated this taste with sick, and don’t know for sure whether it is my sick that caused the taste or this association. My sheets were soaked through with sweat, my underwear a tangled and wet rag. And yet I do not feel as if I were sick. I do not remember this sickness. It came upon me in the night, and left when I awoke, leaving only a foul taste in my mouth, a taste that reminds me of a time when I was young.


  1. I usually tell my bacteria “YOU CAN EITHER PAY RENT, OR YOU CAN GET THE HELL OUT!” LOL!!!

    And it usually works, or we come to some sort of an agreement.

  2. Yeah, bacteria, viruses, I’m usually good with those things. They leave me alone. Seven years ago I lost ten pounds due to a powerful flu. But since then disease has passed through my body like water, not even pausing a minute for sniffles. (That is a gross exaggeration.)

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