Gimme a large, he said, pointing over the counter. Which one, I asked. You can take your pick. Doesn’t matter, he said. This is where I should have said something—this one, I might have said, is a bit larger, whereas this one is more round. Depends what you want. He might’ve smiled at that. Then, at the cash, I could have offered something about myself. Whew, it’s been a long day. Our busiest days are Tuesdays, don’t ask me why. He might have talked about where he works. If he didn’t say anything I would have asked him. Then I might have said something about what he said. Finally, I’d wrap it up, hand him his change, and I’d notice something in his eyes, a reluctance. Maybe other customers would be waiting but we would stand there for a moment or two without quite knowing what to do, feeling his reluctance growing, rising into the air and circumscribing us both. Well, I get off in fifteen minutes if you’d like to wait. He wouldn’t even check his watch.

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