I installed a horoscope app into my web browser and every day it is wrong. This was not always the case. Until I told the app I was a man the horoscopes it displayed for me once felt applicable or at least potentially applicable. Now the horoscopes are always bad. Not just wrong which I suspect they are but bad. Every day the app says I will face unforeseen problems and that there will be consequences though potentially another way out of those problems and their consequences. I am not sure what they are referring to. I don’t know what they mean by problems and consequences or whether that means I am blind or they are on their way or my not knowing about them means I have found solutions to problems and consequences that I was not even aware existed. I tried changing the settings so that I could go back to the gender-neutral or female or whatever horoscopes but this did not work, the app is still stuck on the same awful horoscopes with their awful predictions and I am not sure whether that means something is coming or I am living life correctly (and avoiding problems and their consequences without even realizing that I am doing so) or missing the obvious difficulties that anyone else receiving such awful horoscopes could not help but notice.


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