We might say that the moon has two distinct properties, these being:

a) cold
b) distant

And that these two properties in some way limit our ability to experience the moon. But what is distance? Is it not true that the moon may be visible at all times during the periods of the day it is active, even when it has waned to shadow or outline? Seeing the moon can one not imagine his or herself on the moon? Can one not hold an image of the moon in one’s mind? Can one not imagine oneself on its surface? And of its coldness, can one not view the moon from the comfort of one’s bed? Is this not done? But we were speaking of a physical coldness, a physical distance. Coldness and distance in their real sense. But are there not systems for mitigating cold? Can the distance not be traversed? Yes but to touch it one has to wear a suit. And what is a suit? Is it not just a covering? Is there not something underneath? If a leg touches a table through a pair of pants do we say that the leg is not touching the table? Or do we say that only the pants touch? To travel to the moon is of prohibitive cost. But is it not done? Is the cost truly prohibitive? Is travel to the moon so dear that no one has undertaken it?

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