Note to myself on Doom

Write a long blog post about the architecture in Doom and how it demonstrates or transmits or connotes something (maybe), what it means to rush around those surfaces (maybe), to have the ground shift, the walls open, to deal with constant enemies (maybe), to search for clues and openings, to realize (finally) that there is “always another level”, that even when completed nothing is ever safe (the rabbit, the green grass, pan to reveal torture, ruin, war in the games’s final credits (all the episodes of the first two games more or less end this way))—Doom is the product of a wrecked and depraved culture, of a depressed person, its labyrinths and monsters like Kafka’s trials, degradation, eternal, with no answer, no end (in Doom II, the final boss is hidden, it isn’t the demon that you thought you killed, but in a secret room, designer/programmer John Romero’s severed head (the demon, after all, is only fiction, the real horror the mind that will persist, beyond Doom, spawn others)).

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