kobo poems

hi michal im a kobo i made some poems for you


michal theres a kobo in the river
i ran my bike over to see what the hubub
was. christapher spotted it by the weeds
a matte black case with the front page
set on “war and peace”. tolstoy
was crying because hed lost it and
his boy had gone in the river
to fish it out and couldnt find it and drowned


michal while i was eating a kobo
came up to sit next to me looking
extremely fine waering a white bonet
with a nice wool suit jacket and lether
oxfords. i thought thats cool and
asked the kobo if it would liek some-
thing and it said “yes a plate of cavier
and mussles” and i said “whoa
too rich for my blood.”


i was in the hospital michal
and a kobo was my doctor.
he said are you having difficulty
sitting down and i said no i don’t
have any problems and he threw me out


  1. reopen the A&m thread. those guys are goddamn crooks, and people need to know it before they get suckered.

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