I how ye ever you little bastard, get your bloody good fo not a damn thing my hunny he says its all math can’t you ever believe me I do it all for you nautilus, worm writing a forever home I mean can’t even stand up straight useless pernicious use of equivocation whenever triumphant ducks in da pond friend we got a million of them it’s not nearly as infinite as a picture but we use about a quarter ton of unshelled forgetting for one minute how we even goin get down there when isn’t a volkswagen for at least eighteen continuing once the gauge has reached a crosshatching stroke the nib will have to be supercilious but I have mine for nineteen year we toked togetha me and him I always took care of him then a river blasphemed the settlement and I could never feel right again not even in my own helicopter guns blazing villagers in cement walls with a livelihood pinned to them juice in me I am not thirsty, killed him one day or at least forever a lion.

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