[ Storm of shit / Wizened Youth ]

“Storm of shit.” “Wizened youth.” “You were married?” “I’ve lived a hundred lives before now. I mean, before today.” “Girl, you need to have some self-respect. I mean guy. Guy. Sorry.” “Don’t let her treat you that way.” “What do you say to that?” “I saw a movie yesterday.” “In the theatre?” “No, while I was walking. Through a window. It’s not important.” “What’s wrong with you?” “I feel nauseous.” “That can’t be it.” “Leave me alone. Forget it.” “No, you—you forget it.” “What???” “Listen. I’m not interested.” “You’re not interested???” “He stared at her with a blank expression.” “You remind me of someone I used to know.” “Oh, please, not this again.” “What?” “Come on, it’s like you want to be insane.”

[ They say he never read another magazine ]

“They say he never read another magazine.” “I’m sorry?” “They say he never did—not after the incident.” “I’m one-hundred-percent confident in my physical abilities.” “I’m completely mentally sound.” “Turn that off—it’s making a ringing noise. Can’t you see that?” “See??? What???” “The Stevenson’s cow foaled yesterday. Foaled? Calfed? It gave birth.” “I saw a bear prowling—just in that meadow over there.” “Really, a bear? Really?” “The cars disappear over the hill in waves.” “In waves?” “No, I don’t know. Not in waves. It seems existential. They’re going somewhere.” “Up north?” “Steen’s dairy, I think.” “Jemma saw the bear and went after it.” “Did she shoot it?” “Jemma’s a donkey.”

[ I can’t remember where I put my keys ]

“I can’t remember where I put my keys.” “Did you have a good time?” “Yes, of course. Why do you keep asking me that?” “I have difficulty reconciling the experiences of others with my reality.” “You need to get a handle on that.” “I’ll put in a request.” “When do you think they’ll come?” “Tomorrow morning—or the next.” “In other words… ?” “It’s completely unpredictable.” “Listen, I’m getting tired. Let’s get out of here.” “You want to get something to eat?” “No, just to drive around until it gets dark.” “You really want to do that?” “Didn’t you grow up around here?” “Who are you talking to?” “Uh, no-one, just tuning this guitar.” “You need to speak to do that?” “No. No, of course not.” “I suppose this malaise I feel has to do with the understanding I have that the world is going to be destroyed. That, or the baby.” “Yes, yes. I saw a movie about that once.”

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