Letter to a Close Friend

I am a wheel
in the morning two
weepings could not
triumph over
wet concrete,
remember? I am
a wheel, please
don’t forget that
if you want
a measure of
taciturn antelope
I am over
here, with the
big spoon, weeping
and spelling out
my name, on
rocks. Remember
always, too, yesterday
or tomorrow, I
am, and forever
your remote
areas, or china.
Don’t plagiarize,
if an owl runs
I can always
in the distance.
Manning the
wheel, forever, I
love you, please
keep the light
under the table
for when I come
over, darling.
If you miss
my shadow, remember:
stand before the light
always with your
head, turning.
Tremble over
a picture of a
fox, running forever.
The ocean,
its rudiments, I love
seal grunting
or party favours, I
am indifferent to
sudden noises,
whale songs, please
put it back wherever
you found it,
I love you,
trembling always,

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